Wilfried Hackenbroich’s Infinite Sitscape

By on May 10, 2013
Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_03

Need a long lasting, big enough to accommodate all your friends at the same time metal couch? The sitscape, designed by German architect Wilfried Hackenbroich can provide such seating situation. It’s configuration is based on preferred positions and user dimension.

The metal couch is one meter wide and “infinitely” long. A six meter long version was the first one to see daylight a few years ago.

Sitscape design is based on specific seating positions and smooth transformations between them. The preferred relaxing positions of a client are used to generate a “perfect fit” and provide familiar relaxing possibilities. It is sold by the “meter” and customers have the choice of various positions which can be combined in any sequence.

The construction principle consists of vertical sections connected by metal elements which allow different forms to be configured within this system. Digitally cut laminated wood sections represent the main structural elements. Connecting the rest of the structure are aluminum spacers between the sections and metal thread rods that go through the sections. For structural stability the rods are tightened by wing nuts. Tension wires are spanned diagonally through the inner void of the sections in order to give stability against torsion forces.

The upholstery consists of a system of cushions that can be connected among each other and with the structure. Favorite zones can be defined temporarily or permanently.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sitscape!

Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_01 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_01A Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_02 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_04 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_03 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_05 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_06 Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_07

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