Think Smool! How Does Your TV Look Like?

By on April 30, 2013
Smool TV by designer Robert Bronwasser  3

Think smool! Watching TV is a social phenomenon. We love it. But while the number of channels in the past twenty years has quadrupled, the industrial design of the TV exterior did not evolve. The average telly is a technical black shrine constructed of hard plastic. And the worst part is: its uninspiring form is dominating our interior.

The Homedia concept redefines the definition of ‘television’, crossing its technical functions with its future role in the home decor. The machine is dressed in fabric in order to give it a natural position within the larger interior design. Television becomes personal, earning the role of a high quality shape shifter adding intimacy and identity to any room.

“A good product has the right looks, is smooth to use and cool to have” says designer Robert Bronwasser.

Robert Bronwasser graduated cum laude from the Technical University of Delft in 1992 with a degree in Industrial Design. He began “smool design” in 2002, a design agency with a personal approach and dominated by his vision of commercial product design. Bronwasser combines creativity, many years of experience and knowledge of production techniques to develop a wide range of successful products.

Bronwasser has received a number of prominent awards, including the IF Award, the Red Dot Ward, GIO Awards, the GIO special award for design excellence and the Dutch Design Selection. His work has also been nominated for the Gelderse Vormgevingsprijs, an Aluminium Award and the Dutch Design Awards.

Smool TV by designer Robert Bronwasser 2 Smool TV by designer Robert Bronwasser  3 Smool TV by designer Robert Bronwasser 4 Smool TV by designer Robert Bronwasser 5

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