The Haussmann Library

By on March 2, 2013
Maisons du Monde Haussmann Library 2

This is certainly a piece with lots of character. It is a beautiful wooden cabinet, with small mahogany refined details, that comes in a surprising, but elegant combination of hazelnut and black. The imposing fronton gives this piece a very cosmopolitan look: “Paris”, “New York” and “Tokyo” being displayed in golden letters. The library is very generous in storage compartments, that can be found both in the upper and in the lower part of the structure.

The price for this piece is around $2,500. We found it on a lovely website that we will certainly here more from: Maisons du Monde.

Do you think it would fit best in your home office? Where else do you thing this would best look in your apartment?

Maisons du Monde Haussmann Library 1 Maisons du Monde Haussmann Library 3

Now, where’s the name coming from? Georges-Eugene Haussmann, or Baron Haussmann, was the French civic planner most responsible for the rebuilding of Paris in the 1860s. Critics forced his resignation for extravagance, but his vision of the city still dominates Central Paris. His work destroyed much of the medieval city. It is estimated that he transformed 60% of Paris’s buildings. Notably, he redesigned the Place de l’Etoile, and created long avenues giving perspectives on monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Opera Garnier.

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