• Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_03
    Wilfried Hackenbroich’s Infinite Sitscape

    Need a long lasting, big enough to accommodate all your friends at the same time metal couch? The sitscape, designed by German architect Wilfried Hackenbroich can provide such seating situation. It’s configuration is based on preferred positions...

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  • peroba wood bed vincent 6
    Peroba Wood Bed

    Certainly not a top of mind when it comes to wood types, Peroba wood comes from Brazil’s rainforest. The Peroba wood bed that we found on environmentfurniture.com is a pretty imposing one, but we think it would look great...

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  • Mokuroku Wood Bricks 1
    Mokuroku Wood Blocks

    We think that every moment is a good moment to play. If you have children, we bet that the Mokuroku wood blocks kit will be a great surprise for them, because it comes in such an unexpected...

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