• storage  bench 1
    DIY Storage Bench

    The more storage space you can get in your apartment, the better. No matter if your place is huge or you live in a tiny space, the fact is that, in one way or another, we are...

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  • Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 7
    Paper-Cutting Art By Yu Jordy Fu

    Yu Jordy Fu has been an artist since early years – she had her first solo exhibition at the age of six. What were you doing when you were six? We think that there’s no age for...

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  • Windowfarms By Urban Agriculturist Britta Riley 1
    Windowfarms By Urban Agriculturist Britta Riley

    Britta Riley is the founder and CEO of Windowfarms, a Brooklyn-based company on the mission to help city population around the world grow their own fresh veggies. The company also runs a 40.000 member online community of...

    • Posted 2006 days ago
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  • Abigail Ahern
    Awesome Abigail Ahern!

    Abigail Ahern is a designer renowned internationally for her taste. The Times newspaper regards her as a ‘style spotter extraordinaire’. She has established her position at the front of the design trail with her original interpretation of...

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  • Gakken Premium Gramophone 2
    Gakken Premium Gramophone

    Analog enthusiasts, meet your new toy!  I seriously can’t imagine any vinyl fans not having one. Take a good look at the Gakken Premium Gramophone. The Gakken Premium Gramophone is as authentic as it gets: bamboo +...

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  • The Portable Book Like Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan 2
    Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan

    Meet Max Gunawan, the creator of Lumio. Max is inspired by modern forms, clean lines and designs with a twist. Max’s vision was the idea of a glowing book that unfolds. Its design is minimalist yet offers...

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  • Nendo Brackets Office Unit for Kokuyo 1
    Nendo Brackets Office Unit for Kokuyo

    Kokuyo: established 1905 Nendo: established 2005 One hundred years apart, age wise, but working in perfect harmony now. Kokuyo founder Kuroda Zentarō was 26 years old when he opened a shop in Minami-Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, selling covers...

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  • Mike McDowell's Mudpuppy Ceramics Upside Down 2
    Mike McDowell’s Mudpuppy Ceramics Upside Down

    Have you ever heard the story about that guy that got laid off from his day job only to find himself, shortly after, doing exactly what he always wanted? Yeap, that’s also the story of Mike McDowell...

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  • Simon Dale's Hobbit House 2
    Simon Dale’s Hobbit House

    There are so many things to say about Simon Dale’s Hobbit House, that it is difficult to pinpoint where to start from. We could say something about living a fantasy story like life. We could say something...

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  • Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto 1
    Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto

    JoeVelluto (JVLT) is a design and communications studio located in Vicenza. In 2002 it entered the competition “Opos Under 35″ with “RosAria”, disposable rosary beads made from bubble rap – the studio’s first official project which soon...

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