• Bio Polymer Refrigerator By Electrolux 2
    Bio Robot, The Bio Polymer Refrigerator By Electrolux

    In 2010 Yuriy Dmitriev, a Russian student that participated in the Electrolux Design Lab contest won the big prize with an idea of a refrigerator that looks like 2050, the Bio Robot. Four times smaller than a...

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  • Tom Dixon Kitchen Eclectics 1
    Tom Dixon Kitchen Eclectics

    Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by Britain’s unique...

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  • Storage Jars From Established & Sons 1
    Storage Jars From Established & Sons

    Every kitchen needs some nice storage jars for, well, storage. And if the kitchen doesn’t necessarily and specifically need storage jars, certainly a cook needs lots. We found some cool ones from Established & Sons - a uniquely...

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  • Backer's Rack 4
    Baker Racks

    If you ever wondered why these pieces of furniture are named a baker’s rack, well, you don’t have to be a quantum physicist to realize that it’s probably because bakers used them in one way or the...

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  • Bhrea's Cafe Corner 2
    Brhea’s Cafe Corner

    We love to surf around the web looking for some cool pieces of design. So when we found Brhea’s Cafe Corner on her blog, noplacelykehome.com, we had a “hurray!” moment and immediately wanted to write about it. Long...

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  • Ceramic Aster Kitchen by Perene 1
    Ceramic Aster Kitchen by Perene

    Ceramic Aster Kitchen by Perene is surely a statement piece for every home. But certainly not for everyone: it’s destined for those who are more comfortable in a house tree than in a glass tower, for those...

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  • Reinventing The Kitchen The Galley 1
    Reinventing The Kitchen: The Galley

    Some folks are determined to make some big changes, so they started reinventing the kitchen: The Galley. It’s much more than a sink: it’s a super functional work station, with cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack and...

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  • KitchenAid Fresh New Colors
    KitchenAid Fresh New Colors

    KitchenAid fresh new colors: nine colors are added to its Artisan and Artisan Design Series stand mixer pallets, including: Apple Cider, Azure Blue, Blueberry, Cafe Latte, Canopy Green, Cranberry, Frosted Pearl White, Plumberry, Toffee and Watermelon. “Why...

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  • Kitchen of the Year
    Update Your Kitchen On A Dime: Houzz Advice

    If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you deserve to make it a pretty space, but without going bankrupt.  Found some great advice on Houzz about that, beautifully written by Laura Gaskill. By the...

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  • hot pot donable hakeme
    Donabe Hakeme For Spectacular Dishes

    First of all, let’s start with the basics: donabe is a pot made out of a special clay, that is used in traditional Japanese cooking over an open flame. The food is often cooked right at the...

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