• AZ Desk step 2 - transform
    Growing up desk or grown-up desk?

    A huge desk can become tiny over time. If you don’t want to change your children’s desk through the years, keep an eye on creative craftsman Guillaume Bouvet and his “AZ Desk” concept that follows your progenitures...

    • Posted 2080 days ago
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  • PBteen Paisley Petal Warm Style Tile 1
    A Gentle Touch Of Personality

    Want your teen girl to love homework and learning? Try fixing the learning nook with great style. That way, she’ll be drawn to that space, because it looks and feels good and it can be personalized in...

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  • poltrona frau ginger and fred
    Ginger And Fred From Poltrona Frau

    This is an amazing piece for the office! Ginger Chair and Fred Desk, from Poltrona Touch.  Refined, simple, easy. Neat, essential, comfortable. With elegant decorative effects, created by the visible topstitching that runs along whole of the outside...

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