• Agape Bathrooms
    Agape Bathrooms: Five Interpretations

    The Agape bathrooms: five interpretations which heighten the overall value of this room, raising it to a pivotal status in the home, with extensive durability and the meeting of day-to-day needs. Not just a mere showcase, but...

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  • Caroma Profile Toilet Suite With Integrated Hand Basin 3
    Caroma Profile Toilet Suite With Integrated Hand Basin

    Today’s post is about Caroma Profile toilet suite with integrated basin. But first, some geography and biology. Evolution made animals in the land Down Under different from any other creatures that the rest of the continents have...

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  • Folding Shower From Supiot 2
    Folding Shower From Supiot

    Supiot, a french based company brought to the world several years ago a shower that has won several awards in various fields. As the name tells us, the Folding Shower allows for space saving once it is...

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  • Poor Little Fish sink 1
    Poor Little Fish Sink

    Do you wash your hands for two minutes and check your facial features while the water is running? Water is scarce and you might reconsider these habits, with a little help form Yan Lu and his Poor...

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    Gamadecor Classically Inspired Bathroom Furniture

    Gamadecor presented their classically inspired bathroom furniture collection at the MosBuild 2013 Fair. The highlights for this year’s fair were its two most admirable classically inspired ranges among its proposals: the Poison and Piano collections. It is...

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  • Loop Shower, Idiha Design 6
    Loop Idiha Design: Luxury Outdoor Shower

    When we think of outdoor showers, the first thing that comes to mind is an idilic scene, with water flowing like a waterfall through some antique brass shower head, lots of stone and luxurious plants around us....

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  • Funky Shower Curtains by DENY Design 15
    Funky Shower Curtains by DENY Design

    If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, but you don’t want to invest a fortune in this process, one thing you could do is invest in some funky shower curtains by DENY Design. The funkyer, could be...

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  • Lillian August Regal X Back Mirrored Sconce
    Lillian August Lighting: Regal X Back Mirrored Sconce

    If you feel that you deserve royal treatment in your bathroom, then this is for you: Regal X mirrored sconce, designed by Lillian August. Lighting regal in style and versatile in boot. Comes as a cord and plug...

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  • GiiNii AudioBulb 1
    AudioBulb – Wires, Meet Your Nemesis!

    Let’s say you don’t own your place, it’s a rental. And you know you love music, and you want it with you everywhere and anytime. But, oh! The ordeal of installing an audio system that can work...

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  • kontextur josh owen hang in line 1
    Kontextur Hanging Line

    These people mean business: enough ugly, more pretty! We’re talking about Kontextür, a NYC based company focused on unleashing the unexpected, saying bye-bye to the “same ole same ole” and bringing accessible high design to the bathroom. “Good...

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