Sleek Makeup Table

By on February 26, 2013
mueller-moebel ST 08 makeup table 4

Michael Hilgers is in no way a new name in the design industry. Winner of Interior Design Awards in 2012, he scored once again this year, winning the same title.

We will talk about the item that won him the big prize, but now, we will turn our attention to something a little bit more on the colorful side: a makeup table with a very sharp name. ST 08 perfectly combines form and function. On the inside, an illuminated mirror ensures a clear view. The shelf space made of glass, a large number of spacious compartments and drawers and a built-in drawer with soft retraction make sure that all important makeup and hair utensils are always ready to hand. A seperate compartment inside the makeup table allows sweet secrets to disappear. The customization options color wise are basically limitless, in a semi-matt finish.

Would this piece find it’s way into your apartment? In the bedroom, maybe?

mueller-moebel ST 08 makeup table 1 mueller-moebel ST 08 makeup table 2 mueller-moebel ST 08 makeup table 3

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