Slam Dunk Living Room by Martin Building Company

By on May 10, 2013
Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft1

It’s playoff time in the NBA and the Golden State Warriors are having a tremendous season this year! As big as this 4,400 square feet multi level apartment in San Francisco’s South Market district. What sets apart this apartment from any other? Stephan Curry is not the owner of this place, but there is a regulation-size basketball hoop in the living room that also has heated hardwood floors in order for the owner’s dribbling skills to be practiced. Moreover, if he gets tired from all that shooting and playing, he can lie down and enjoy the shade provided by the tree that’s in the middle of the living room.

If this still is not suffice, the owner can get a suntan by just sitting in this cool place and take the benefits from the 16 X 20 foot retractable center skylight roof.

Wood beams enlighten this huge space and create a fascinating pattern. The large entertaining area was designed to encompass as much fun items as possible and many relaxation areas.

The place is a former warehouse that after the restoration and implementation of the design ideas got out 3,3 million $ from the pocket of the current owner.

Lucky shot? Maybe not, congrats to you, whoever you are for making this place a dream come true.

Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft1 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft2 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft3 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft4 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft7 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft10 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft11 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft13 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft14 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft15 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft19 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft20 Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft24

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