PlueerSmitt Onyx Table

By on May 8, 2013
PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 1

Netherlands meets Switzerland in PlueerSmitt. Dominic Plueer and Oliver Smitt are two swiss born designers, Bachelors of arts and Desing – one in the Netherlands and the other in Switzerland. This collaboration came about due to the common interest for the abstract and the concrete with a preference for a suggestive rather then a dictating function.

The Onyx Table was designed in 2013 out of onyx marble. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we will let you interpret this piece however you feel fit.

Onyx marble is also known as alabaster and it is a dense, finely crystalline, semitransparent, lamellar, calcareous sinter rock. It consists primarily of calcite, sometimes together with aragonite. Marble onyx is formed from calcareous minerals deposited by hot mineral springs. The alternating irregular laminae, along with the varying coloration of the individual layers of white, yellow-pink, yellow-green, and brown tones, create a very attractive decorative pattern on polished surfaces of the rock. The thickness of the monochromatic and polychromatic bands varies from tenths of one millimeter to several centimeters.

PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 6 PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 5 PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 4 PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 3 PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 2 PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 1

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