Peroba Wood Bed

By on March 6, 2013
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Certainly not a top of mind when it comes to wood types, Peroba wood comes from Brazil’s rainforest. The Peroba wood bed that we found on is a pretty imposing one, but we think it would look great in many spaces. The side wings of the bed are removable, and they also serve as end tables.

The price for this piece is $4395 and is designed by Alessandro La Spada. 100% of the Peroba wood used for manufacturing this piece is reclaimed.

Certainly you must be a little curious about this special wood: Peroba rosa is a tall canopy tree, averaging 100 feet in height in the natural rainforest, with a straight cylindrical bole 2 to 3 feet in diameter. Larger specimens may reach 130 feet, with trunks up to 4 or 5 feet in diameter. This massive tree has been heavily exploited in the past because of its durability, and is now sought because of its beauty. Peroba rosa is becoming increasingly scarce outside of parks and preserves and is now very rare in parts of its original range.

You cand read more about Perosa wood here: The most important thing that Environment Furniture does is the fact that they reclaim the wood from homes, industrial buildings, barns and other structures that are abandoned or scheduled to be torn down. Another important aspect is that the Peroba wood is hand cleaned without any toxic chemicals and periodically a highly diluted mixture of caustic soda and water is used to remove old paint.

The most impressive thing about this type of wood is that it gets more beautiful as time passes. Weathered by decades of exposure to the elements, over time it develops an intense, multi-hued patina and its texture begins to look like fossilized stone. The color and texture varies wildly, from cool slate gray and dark espressos to warm rosy tones.

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