Paper-Cutting Art By Yu Jordy Fu

By on June 10, 2013
Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 7

Yu Jordy Fu has been an artist since early years – she had her first solo exhibition at the age of six. What were you doing when you were six?

We think that there’s no age for art: you can start at a very early age (see this example and so many more) or, why not, you can start now, regardless of your age.

This one is a hard core example of paper cutting, but it’s here just to get you started. Jordy launched her first sustainable product range “Cloud Lamps” in December 2008, received worldwide success and has been published in over 40 high-end architecture and design magazines in 19 countries.

The Cloud Lamps designed by Yu Jordy Fu are inspired by Jordy’s architectural design projects and scaled at 1:50. all handmade with recycled paper, the Cloud Lamp is a simple and sustainable way to add intimacy and magic to domestic environments – a unique and exquisite gift. They are treated with non flammable spray.

Which one’s your favorite?

Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 1 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 2 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 3 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 4 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 5 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 6 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 8 Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 7

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