Mokuroku Wood Blocks

By on March 4, 2013
Mokuroku Wood Bricks 1

We think that every moment is a good moment to play. If you have children, we bet that the Mokuroku wood blocks kit will be a great surprise for them, because it comes in such an unexpected material. Fine, wooden bricks are nothing new, but the way these are made is absolutely fascinating. Imagine placing them as a surprise in your kid’s room, or another secret place that you and your child know about in the apartment.

We found them on a japanese site called iichi, that has the mission to connect Japanese craft-makers with users everywhere. And the site really made us want to leave everything and start packing our bags, to be in Japan in time for the cherry blossom festivals (see the trailer below – The Tsunami And The Cherry Blossom – it’s a Sundance Film Festival winner of the Jury Prize, in the Short Film section – very inspirational).

Back to our feature presentation, though, you can buy the wooden lego bricks for around $30 per set. And enjoy it a lot with your children, or with the grownups, why not?

Mokuroku Wood Bricks 2 Mokuroku Wood Bricks 3 Mokuroku Wood Bricks 4 Mokuroku Wood Bricks 5

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