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By on March 29, 2013
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If you think about the fact that one third of your life is spent in bed, you will want to make your bed as cosy and stylish as possible. So, why not make your Karup bed right now?

The company KARUP was founded in 1972 by the entrepreneur Preben Christensen. Packed with ideas of how to change the way of producing furniture, he started out in an old farm house. As one of the first producers in Europe of knock-down furniture, the business grew rapidly, and soon he had to find new and more efficient locations for the factory. The production was relocated to the city of Karup, right in the centre of Denmark.

In beginning of the 80’s, Preben discovered the Hippie-type futon frame in America, and believed there was also a marked for this type of furniture in Europe, and that’s how the first series-production of futon frames came alive in Europe.

Now, the most important thing about Karup is their constant care about the environment. You will be able to read on their webpage why they support de construction of their furniture pieces out of wood, rather then steel, for example. Or how the energy efficiency of forests extends to forest products. Or that steel structure requires 25 times more water than the wood structure, primarily at the manufacturing stage, and steel manufacturing also has a greater impact on the quality of the waste water during manufacture.

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