Limited Edition Rug: In Love!

By on July 17, 2013
Limited Edition Rug

This is an extremely subjective post about Limited Edition rugs and the fact that I fell in love with them. Every now and then, you can run into something that makes you say “wow!”. Seriously, and without any doubt, I would so much like to trip on this in my home, and just lay there for a while.

It’s one promise that I made to myself that, by the end of the year, one of the Limited Edition will find its home in, well, my home.

“It lets you discover our family owned company’s love with textiles, colors and textures”. And, boy, I believe that they really love their craft.

“Experience the legendary belgian craftsmanship and design”. And, as the saying goes, it’s legen… wait for it… dary. Oh, yes!

“Savor the variety  and uncompromising quality of our creations that we have taken great pride in producing for you”. What can I say to that? Looking forward to it, Katia Dewitte-Hanet, James Dewitte and Philippe Hanet.

Two collections I want to emphases today, we’ll be talking about others too, on other occasions.

1. Gipsy: bohemian style with a modern twist. Mix and match: a modern classic.

2. Mystic: recovered remnants of traditional turkish rugs, granted a second life thanks to a dash of creativity and a dose of ingenuity. Mystic is the juncture of old and new, as swatches of various antique Turkish carpets are treated, dyed and woven together to create a thoroughly modern, but decidedly bohemian patchwork.

And I could go on and on and on about how beautiful and trendy and modern but with an antique twist they are. But hey, isn’t this what the pictures are for?


Limited Edition Rug Gipsy 1 Limited Edition Rug Gipsy 2 Limited Edition Rug Mystic 1 Limited Edition Rug Mystic 2 Limited Edition Rug Gipsy 3 Limited Edition Rug Mystic 3 Limited Edition Rug Gipsy 4 Limited Edition Rug Mystic 4

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