Koo by Lunar

By on February 25, 2013
koo by lunar

Plane and simple: it’s a bassinet that turns into a rocker and back again, depending on need. And it also looks pretty nice – for the minimalist approach in design for apartments.

Now, the question in mind is this: it looks great, it is functional, it was presented at fairs and the press talked about it two years ago, but still it hasn’t gotten into mass production yet. Also, the plans were for developing more additional items: a tree stand that works as a mobile, baby monitor and sound-activated thermoelectric bottle warmer/cooler in one. On top of that an electroluminescent fabric pillow/parent monitor that lights up as it transmits the baby’s cries to the sleeping adult. The pillow not only works as a nightlight during feeding, but it’s also a comfy support for the parent.

You can see more of what we are talking about in the video below.


Koo from LUNAR on Vimeo.


Would you bring this design to your kid’s room?

Read more on: inhabitots.com and lunar.com.

Photo source: facebook.com.

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