Kontextur Hanging Line

By on March 1, 2013
kontextur josh owen hang in line 1

These people mean business: enough ugly, more pretty!

We’re talking about Kontextür, a NYC based company focused on unleashing the unexpected, saying bye-bye to the “same ole same ole” and bringing accessible high design to the bathroom.

“Good design engages, enlivens, communicates and educates who we are in the world and how it perceives us. It can make us think, stare in wonder, smile, drop us comfortably into a newfangled version of our past or rocket us to a future beyond our wildest imagination. And at its essence enhances the quality of everyday life from the function it serves. No doubt the things we choose to share the places we inhabit are almost as important to our well being as the people we surround ourselves with- and often more rewarding. It is exciting for us to be involved in this very human conversation.” They said it, and we’re on board!

Hanging Line, designed by Josh Owen, is made up of silicone bands and hooks, tied together with magnets. It’s that simple!

Prices start at $12, and imagination’s the limit. Would you use this line in other places of your apartment also?

kontextur josh owen hang in line 2 kontextur josh owen hang in line 3 kontextur josh owen hang in line 4 kontextur josh owen hang in line 5 kontextur josh owen hang in line 6

Read more on: kontextur.com.

Photo source: kontextur.com.

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