Kate Hume Glass Vase

By on May 24, 2013
Kate Hume Interiors

The Kate Hume collection of one of a kind free blown glass vessels has attracted an international following since its inception in 1998. The art glass pieces are have been widely exhibited and are often the finishing touch in her interior projects.

Bold organic shapes characterize Hume’s work, with an emphasis on jewel-bright color; one of the earliest designs being the pebble vase. Intented to be shown in groups, the play and shadows and layered colour between the forms seem like jewelry in an interior, the final detail. Each pebble is handmade, and unusually for glass, has an obvious ‘touch’ of the hand in its gentle form. They come in various colors: turquoise, gold, purple, dark green, brown, blue, aubergine, green and lime.

The collection is truly revealing its beauty once it is set in context. Otherwise, one could say this is an “interesting” piece of art and nothing more. We believe that “interesting” can be one of the cruelest words in design, at and almost anything, because it hides so many and reveals so little.

Kate’s interior design company is now based in Amsterdam. Hume studied fashion design in England, then moved to the United States in the 1980′s, where she worked as a consultant and stylist. She returned to Europe in 1998, with husband Frans Van Der Heijden. The two launched Birdman Furniture, a streamlined, contemporary range of home furnishings, referencing classic dutch forms of the last century. Her passion for glass and its possibilities of shape and surface texture, made Kate launch her glass collection.

Hume’s work has been exhibited at galleries and stores in New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Kuwait and Moscow.

Kate Hume Interiors Kate Hume Interiors 2 Kate Hume Interiors 3 Kate Hume Interiors 4 Kate Hume Interiors 5 Kate Hume Interiors 6 Kate Hume Interiors 7 Kate Hume Interiors 8 Kate Hume Interiors 9 Kate Hume Interiors 10 Kate Hume Glass Vase 1 Kate Hume Glass Vase 2 Kate Hume Glass Vase 3 Kate Hume Glass Vase 4 Kate Hume Glass Vase 5 Kate Hume Glass Vase 6 Kate Hume Glass Vase 7 Kate Hume Glass Vase 8 Kate Hume Glass Vase 9

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designobjectshop.com and katehume.com.

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