Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto

By on April 23, 2013
Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto 1

JoeVelluto (JVLT) is a design and communications studio located in Vicenza. In 2002 it entered the competition “Opos Under 35″ with “RosAria”, disposable rosary beads made from bubble rap – the studio’s first official project which soon became part of a number of permanent design collections both in Italy and abroad.

The latest creation is called Imboh, and it is very cool armchair that seems to come from somewhere in the 50s or straight from the future. It is upholstered equippable (with table, arm, back) and customizable, built with sustainable materials (fabrics and wood), easily disposable. The padding involves the use of jute, flax, cotton and coconut fibers.

Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto 1 Imboh Armchair By JoeVelluto 2


Would this piece fit well in your office? Or do you see it fit somewhere else in your apartment?

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