Frozen in time: Niki Feijen

By on October 16, 2013
Niki Feijen 6

Lately, I feel like the site has been frozen in time. And not just the site – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, all of it just stopped for a while. Maybe like a train in the station, it just needed to catch its breath a bit, in order to get going. Once more.

Niki Feijen. Go take a look at his website. It’s brilliant. Buy his book, order a print that you loved from his website. I think I will. He was my inspiration for writing today. Hopefully I will also return tomorrow. And so on. Never wanted to be a part of the statistics. But, until now, nothing proved me wrong of being average, in developing this website. Time will tell. We’ll beat the odds together.

Niki Feijen 1 Niki Feijen 2 Niki Feijen 5 Niki Feijen 6 Niki Feijen 3 Niki Feijen 9 Niki Feijen 10 Niki Feijen 7 Niki Feijen 11 Niki Feijen 13 Niki Feijen 14 Niki Feijen 15 Niki Feijen 4 Niki Feijen 8 Niki Feijen 12


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