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By on March 1, 2013
hot pot donable hakeme

First of all, let’s start with the basics: donabe is a pot made out of a special clay, that is used in traditional Japanese cooking over an open flame. The food is often cooked right at the table on a gas burner for various nabemono dishes such as shabu-shabu. Hakeme is a decoration technique in which a stiff brush is used to apply slip directly to the surface of the pot. Doesn’t sound quite like english to you? Don’t worry, we’ll get everything figured out by the end of the article.

Now, if you buy a donabe for the first time, here’s what you should do:

1. the outside of the donabe should be dry before use; moisture within the clay will expand and may crack the pot

2. the pot should be heated gradually

3. never let the pot over the flame while empty

If you wish to buy a donabe hakeme pot, try the ones from Korin. It costs around $100. Below you will find a short video that teaches you how to properly prepare a donable pot and the benefits of cooking with a donable.

Please, also read all the useful information about use & precaution found on the presentation link of the donabe pot here. Used properly, the donabe will stay in your kitchen for decades. Would you bring one to your apartment?

We found a delicious recipe prepared by Nabi, on

Shabu shabu is one of Japan’s most popular hot pot dishes.  It consists of raw assorted vegetables, tofu, and paper-thin slices of raw beef (or pork) cooked in kombu dashi (broth).  The name “Shabu Shabu” comes from the Japanese sound and action of the thinly sliced meat being swished with chopsticks in the hot pot.  Typically Shabu Shabu is served with broth in a clay pot on portal stoves.  The raw ingredients are served on two plates, one for the meat and one for all the veggies.  It’s a fun meal since everyone sits around the hot pot and cooks together.

Justoonecook Shabu-Shabu-III


Read more about the donabe pot on:

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Read more about the shabu-shabu recipe on:

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