Davide Conti, The Houdini Of Chairs

By on May 11, 2013

Davide Conti was born in Genoa in 1983. After classical studies, he joined the faculty of Industrial Design in Genoa, where he started gaining his first professional experiences as a graphic, industrial and interior designer, for both private individuals and companies.

You might think twice when meeting with his two sisters. The two sister chairs, “Magica” and “Magica2”, will make you think should I sit or should I go? Davide brought them to light thanks to his hidden but intense research. Simplicity, basic lines and accuracy are their strong points and that is what makes them fascinating.

The “Magica”  sisters always want to astonish with their minimalism and illusion. They are entirely made in coloured and clear methacrylate (plexiglas), which enhances their identity and reinforces their spirit, a spirit defined by strength and timeless elegance.

If in Chiavari, where Davide lives, look for the sisters, you may blindly fall in love!

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