• Ikea Nightstand
    Wireless Nightstand Charger

    This could work well with any piece of furniture, but really, don’t try this...

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  • Make Your Karup Bed 5
    Make Your Karup Bed

    If you think about the fact that one third of your life is spent...

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  • peroba wood bed vincent 6
    Peroba Wood Bed

    Certainly not a top of mind when it comes to wood types, Peroba wood...

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  • Hosun Chin Walk-in Closet 3
    Walk-in Closet For Small Bedrooms

    Everybody knows that living in an apartment means you have to deal with tiny...

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  • Trina Turk Santorini Quilt
    Bring Santorini Into Your Bedroom

    Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to update the colors in the...

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  • Name Design Studio Patchwork 1
    Love Patchwork?

    Patchwork Name Design Studio, founded and designed in 2010 by  Jo Supara and Ali Tarakci,...

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  • mueller-moebel ST 08 makeup table 4
    Sleek Makeup Table

    Michael Hilgers is in no way a new name in the design industry. Winner...

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