Brhea’s Cafe Corner

By on April 10, 2013
Bhrea's Cafe Corner 2

We love to surf around the web looking for some cool pieces of design. So when we found Brhea’s Cafe Corner on her blog,, we had a “hurray!” moment and immediately wanted to write about it.

Long story short, there was a sad little corner in their kitchen that turned from ugly duckling to beautiful, well … swan? No, just a beautiful to look at place, and an inspiring place to start up your mornings. Or, why not, to chill and take away the stress from a busy day when returning from work. Or a good reason to take a small break and enjoy some “you” time.

Without any other additions, there it is, from “before” to the finished mini masterpiece. Congrats, Brhea!

Bhrea's Cafe Corner 2 Bhrea's Cafe Corner 3 Bhrea's Cafe Corner 4 Bhrea's Cafe Corner 5 Bhrea's Cafe Corner 6

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  2. thomas

    October 9, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Gonna do something like this in my living room lol. Thanks for the inspiration.

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