Baker Racks

By on April 13, 2013
Backer's Rack 4

If you ever wondered why these pieces of furniture are named a baker’s rack, well, you don’t have to be a quantum physicist to realize that it’s probably because bakers used them in one way or the other. A baker’s rack is a type of furniture with shelves, typically made of wrought iron or some other metal. traditionally the wire shelves served to help cool a baker’s goods such as hot pies. The heat-conducting metal shelving allows for heat to be quickly transferred from the bowl to the shelf. But this is nothing new, or giving you today’s revelation.

If, however, you are looking to bring a baker rack into your kitchen, you should have a look at some nice ones we found at We found some small ones with rattan drawers and wine storage, we found black ones, white ones, grey ones, with or without workspaces. You should take your pick and find the one that best suits your space. It’s a cool way to display some of your favorite pottery pieces or plants.

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