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By on May 13, 2013
Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is a designer renowned internationally for her taste. The Times newspaper regards her as a ‘style spotter extraordinaire’. She has established her position at the front of the design trail with her original interpretation of trends, her unique sense of style and a wholly individual approach to interiors.

Check out a few of her ideas:

1. Porcelain Chandelier

This handmade porcelain chandelier is available in any size. Each individual porcelain tile is rolled in muslin cloth for additional texture.
The one shown costs 14,300 £ and has the following dimensions: 95 cm (height) x 85 cm (diameter)

  Abigal Ahern porcelain chandelier 1
2. Gargoyle

Make a 150 £ investment if you want to scare off evil spirits and get some protection from this sandstone and granite Gargoyle. It weighs 33 kg and stands proud at 38 cm tall.

  Abigail Ahern gargoyle
3. Rock On Hand Hook

When your friends come in town for a concert, make sure you have a Rock on Hand Hook to hang their leather jackets! You can ask them to pay for the 102.50 £ “concert ticket”.

Abigail Ahern rock on hand hook
For more cool things, visit Abigail’s website.

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