• Windowfarms By Urban Agriculturist Britta Riley 1
    Windowfarms By Urban Agriculturist Britta Riley

    Britta Riley is the founder and CEO of Windowfarms, a Brooklyn-based company on the mission to help city population around the world grow their own fresh veggies. The company also runs a 40.000 member online community of...

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  • Abigail Ahern
    Awesome Abigail Ahern!

    Abigail Ahern is a designer renowned internationally for her taste. The Times newspaper regards her as a ‘style spotter extraordinaire’. She has established her position at the front of the design trail with her original interpretation of...

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  • Gakken Premium Gramophone 2
    Gakken Premium Gramophone

    Analog enthusiasts, meet your new toy!  I seriously can’t imagine any vinyl fans not having one. Take a good look at the Gakken Premium Gramophone. The Gakken Premium Gramophone is as authentic as it gets: bamboo +...

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  • Bio Polymer Refrigerator By Electrolux 2
    Bio Robot, The Bio Polymer Refrigerator By Electrolux

    In 2010 Yuriy Dmitriev, a Russian student that participated in the Electrolux Design Lab contest won the big prize with an idea of a refrigerator that looks like 2050, the Bio Robot. Four times smaller than a...

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  • Folding Shower From Supiot 2
    Folding Shower From Supiot

    Supiot, a french based company brought to the world several years ago a shower that has won several awards in various fields. As the name tells us, the Folding Shower allows for space saving once it is...

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    Davide Conti, The Houdini Of Chairs

    Davide Conti was born in Genoa in 1983. After classical studies, he joined the faculty of Industrial Design in Genoa, where he started gaining his first professional experiences as a graphic, industrial and interior designer, for both...

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  • Living room MartinBuildingCompanyLomaLoft1
    Slam Dunk Living Room by Martin Building Company

    It’s playoff time in the NBA and the Golden State Warriors are having a tremendous season this year! As big as this 4,400 square feet multi level apartment in San Francisco’s South Market district. What sets apart...

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  • The Portable Book Like Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan 2
    Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan

    Meet Max Gunawan, the creator of Lumio. Max is inspired by modern forms, clean lines and designs with a twist. Max’s vision was the idea of a glowing book that unfolds. Its design is minimalist yet offers...

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  • Wilfried_Hackenbroich_sitscape couch_03
    Wilfried Hackenbroich’s Infinite Sitscape

    Need a long lasting, big enough to accommodate all your friends at the same time metal couch? The sitscape, designed by German architect Wilfried Hackenbroich can provide such seating situation. It’s configuration is based on preferred positions...

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  • Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magic Moments in Floating Bed 1
    Janjaap Ruijssenaars: Magic Moments in Floating Bed

    Universal truth: beds on Earth are dictated by gravity. Well, not anymore! If you want to feel like the man in the iron suite, you can start by getting yourself the “Magnetic Floating Bed”. Creator Janjaap Ruijssenaars...

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