• Niki Feijen 6
    Frozen in time: Niki Feijen

    Lately, I feel like the site has been frozen in time. And not just the site – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, all of it just stopped for a while. Maybe like a train in the station, it just...

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  • storage  bench 1
    DIY Storage Bench

    The more storage space you can get in your apartment, the better. No matter if your place is huge or you live in a tiny space, the fact is that, in one way or another, we are...

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  • Limited Edition Rug
    Limited Edition Rug: In Love!

    This is an extremely subjective post about Limited Edition rugs and the fact that I fell in love with them. Every now and then, you can run into something that makes you say “wow!”. Seriously, and without...

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  • Yu Jordy Fu Cloud Lamps 7
    Paper-Cutting Art By Yu Jordy Fu

    Yu Jordy Fu has been an artist since early years – she had her first solo exhibition at the age of six. What were you doing when you were six? We think that there’s no age for...

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  • Agape Bathrooms
    Agape Bathrooms: Five Interpretations

    The Agape bathrooms: five interpretations which heighten the overall value of this room, raising it to a pivotal status in the home, with extensive durability and the meeting of day-to-day needs. Not just a mere showcase, but...

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  • Kate Hume Interiors
    Kate Hume Glass Vase

    The Kate Hume collection of one of a kind free blown glass vessels has attracted an international following since its inception in 1998. The art glass pieces are have been widely exhibited and are often the finishing...

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  • Caroma Profile Toilet Suite With Integrated Hand Basin 3
    Caroma Profile Toilet Suite With Integrated Hand Basin

    Today’s post is about Caroma Profile toilet suite with integrated basin. But first, some geography and biology. Evolution made animals in the land Down Under different from any other creatures that the rest of the continents have...

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  • DING3000 Pocket Chair 1
    DING3000 Pocket Chair

    DING3000 Pocket Chair: an eccentric solution for this small armchair in natural soft-touch effect cuoietto leather. Slipped as a glove on the wooden structure, the body of the POCKET CHAIR is hanged on the structure, guaranteeing a surprising adaptability...

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  • PlueerSmitt Onyx Table 1
    PlueerSmitt Onyx Table

    Netherlands meets Switzerland in PlueerSmitt. Dominic Plueer and Oliver Smitt are two swiss born designers, Bachelors of arts and Desing – one in the Netherlands and the other in Switzerland. This collaboration came about due to the...

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  • Nendo Brackets Office Unit for Kokuyo 1
    Nendo Brackets Office Unit for Kokuyo

    Kokuyo: established 1905 Nendo: established 2005 One hundred years apart, age wise, but working in perfect harmony now. Kokuyo founder Kuroda Zentarō was 26 years old when he opened a shop in Minami-Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, selling covers...

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