AudioBulb – Wires, Meet Your Nemesis!

By on March 2, 2013
GiiNii AudioBulb 1

Let’s say you don’t own your place, it’s a rental. And you know you love music, and you want it with you everywhere and anytime. But, oh! The ordeal of installing an audio system that can work throughout the house, and the endless lianas hanging everywhere. Well, call in the monkeys, because even them can install the AudioBulb. And no, we’re not insulting anyone’s intelligence here – it’s just that easy to use.

So, ok, what’s an AudioBulb, after all: it’s light that speaks, or sings. No, seriously, it’s a wireless music and lighting system that revolutionizes how you play music throughout your home or office.  Designed to work with iPods, iPhones, or an auxiliary input source, the patented idea came from the concept to combine something found in virtually every room (a light socket) with something people want in every room (music and light).

AudioBulb lets you create two different zones, and configuring zones is about as simple as the initial set-up. Imagine sleeping in peace and quiet as other household members are up and about jamming to their favorite tunes in the next room. And, with a range of 50 to 100 feet (depending on environment) AudioBulb can reach from the entryway to the patio from a single base station.

Enough said. Watch the movie below and learn more about AudioBulb. You can purchase it from GiiNii or Amazon, for $299.99.

GiiNii AudioBulb 2 GiiNii AudioBulb 3 GiiNii AudioBulb 4


Our wet dream is to place this item in the bathroom. And the other bathroom. Or possibly the bedroom. Oh, decisions, decisions! Where would you place it in your apartment?

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