A Gentle Touch Of Personality

By on March 2, 2013
PBteen Paisley Petal Warm Style Tile 1

Want your teen girl to love homework and learning? Try fixing the learning nook with great style. That way, she’ll be drawn to that space, because it looks and feels good and it can be personalized in her own taste, too.

PBteen is one place you can find great pieces and great inspiration. When talking about making the desk area of your kid’s room more attractive, this can be a conversation starter. Or, even better, a new project starter. It lets you pin up, hang and stow desk accessories, mementos, notes and more. And a dry-erase calendar keeps track of all your to-do’s. The price for one piece is $465.

The set includes two Warm Paisley Fabric Boards, two Warm Petal Dot Fabric Boards, one white Caddy, one white Divided Cubby, one Dry-erase Calendar, one Corkboard, one white Pegboard and a 48″ white frame set.

The new system is also easier to install, the retailers claim, as shown in the video below.

PBteen Paisley Petal Warm Style Tile 3 PBteen Paisley Petal Warm Style Tile 2

Would you place such a piece in your child’s room? We confess we’re even thinking about using one for the office. Ideas for other places in the apartment?

Read more on: pbteen.com.

Photo source: pbteen.com.

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